This $18 Amazon Best Seller Organizes Way More Than Just Knives

Its the small-kitchen solution touted across the board: Relocate (at least some of) your essentials from the cabinets to the walls. The best way to make this happen? A magnetic knife bar. It can hold up anything from knives to measuring cups, all while barely taking up any real estate. So its no wonder that an $18 stainless-steel version is currently an Amazon best seller in the kitchen and dining section, with 3,169 five-star reviews to its name.

What may come as a surprise is that you can use this inexpensive tool to organize far more than just kitchen utensilsanything magnetic is a possibility. The strip comes with all the tools youll need to mount it (though one reviewer swears by 3M Velcro strips, for renters who dont want to hammer in nails) and will last for years, according to reviewers.

If you want your holder to work harder than even your trustiest paring knife, here are a few places to start:

Corral Your Art Supplies

No more digging around for scissors and needles at your fingertips peril: A sleek hanger keeps everything organized and out in the open. Dont forget bulkier items like paintbrushes, and if your ribbon and thread bobbins come with metal backing, you can stick those up for an especially colorful display.

Decluttered Vanity

Stray bobby pins and tweezers are no match for this handy tool. Adhere it to the side of your dresser drawer (or medicine cabinet) and keep those smaller items within easy reach. Even if it cuts down your morning routine by just a couple minutes, its worth it.

Mini Toolbox

Whether hung up in your garage or squeezed into the back of a cabinet, this little bar will ensure you never again have to spend an hour hunting for a screwdriver for that DIY project. Store your gardening shears and wrenches this way too and never look back.

Hanging Spice Rack

If you havent already decanted your bulky spices into matching jars, do that first. (Itll reduce visual clutter, and an organizing expert swears by it!) Use their metal lids to attach them to a magnetic strip installed underneath your cabinets. Come dinnertime, all you have to do is unscrew your bottle of choice.

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