This $20 Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Maximizes Every Inch of a Small Space

You know the feeling. When you want a midnight snack, open your pantry, and reach for the cereal, only to discover it’s gone stale. Or maybe you find yourself taking your salad plates out of a cabinet just so you can get to the dinner plates. Need some salt? Well, you’ll have to fumble around the pepper, oregano, and thyme before you can find it. If you can relate, you’re in need of some serious kitchen cabinet organizers

Whether you want to separate your spices, seal your food in airtight storage containers, or create more space (or make use of dead vertical space) inside those otherwise compact, boxy cupboards, this roundup of kitchen cabinet organizers, space savers, and multitaskers will keep the heart of your home in working order.  

Contain Yourself

Pasta, cereal, sweets, and even coffee beans will stay fresher longer if you keep them in airtight containers—plus transparent ones will let you know exactly how much you have left before your next shopping trip. And while some will look pretty on your counter, others are pure workhorses, like the BPA-free, leakproof versions that you can slip into a tote worry-free. 

Spice Up Your Life

There’s little worse than dashing garlic powder into a recipe that’s calling for—whoops!—onion powder. Or knocking over your Himalayan salt en route to the pink peppercorns. Keeping your herbs and spices in order can make all the difference when you’re preparing a meal. Try a multitiered organizer so that you can easily spot everything at a glance. Choose a caddy you can tote to the table. Or stand your bottles on a convenient slide-out rack.    

Divide and Conquer

Unless you’re Emily Henderson and designed your kitchen with custom dedicated storage for literally everything, most kitchen cabinets start out as empty boxes with a few shelves and a door to conceal them. And let’s get real: Those shelves are rarely ever enough for everything you need to store. So make use of vertical space. Smartly stack your dishes, hang your wineglasses, separate your pots and pans from their lids, and make your kitchen tools easy to reach with an organizer that conveniently pulls out like a drawer.  

Give It a Whirl

Never lose anything to the back of a cabinet again. A lazy Susan acts as a turntable, rotating as you browse and reach for what you need with ease. Whether it’s a single surface or multilevel, they’re great for making the most out of small spaces. Plus it presents an opportunity to thoughtfully arrange your goods.