This Tiny Shelf Is the Superhero of My Kitchen

When a (thankfully unopened) jar of turmeric fell into my bubbling Dutch oven of chili, I knew I had to make a change. For three years I had stashed away my ever-growing collection of spices in a cabinet above my range hood. Clearly, it wasn’t a storage situation that did me any favors—I needed a proper spice rack. 

But I didn’t want one that I’d have to affix to the walls of my rental kitchen, because I don’t own a drill, and I didn’t want one I could magnetically attach to my fridge, because most options I saw didn’t actually hold enough spices. I was on the hunt for a slim container that wouldn’t crowd my limited surface area.

I bought Yamazaki’s countertop spice caddy because it is narrow (just under five inches wide) and double decker—so I knew it could hold a lot without demanding all that much space. I devoted an hour of my weekend to decanting my spices into simple jars I found on Amazon and arranging them on the two tiers: Twenty bottles were the perfect fit, with room to spare for some olive oil and balsamic.

The same logic applies for pantries, closets, cupboards, and dressers: When things are accessible, you’ll use them more often. With my seasonings finally within easy reach (and far away from the stove), I found myself trying ones I had forgotten I even had. Fennel seeds? Sure, why not sprinkle some on my sweet potatoes. Nutmeg? I’ll add a dash to my morning coffee. And I don’t have to worry about spices falling from the sky when I do it.

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