Two-Ingredient Crockpot Carrots

Have you ever heard people say that if you eat a lot of orange vegetables, eventually your skin can take on an orange hue?  I’m a little concerned I may be approaching that stage with the amount of carrots I’ve been eating in quarantine.

Epic scene from Bride Wars, btw… I need to add that to my list of movies to watch.

The recipe I’m using for carrots is really so incredibly simple, I have a hard time calling it a recipe.  I do know that a lot of you have been asking what I’m doing to mash carrots.  Or how did I make those carrots I’m posting all the time, so I’ll share my secret with you today.

It’s ridiculously simple.  Perhaps the most simple recipe I’ve ever posted:  Two-Ingredient Crockpot Carrots.

When I just want simple carrots, I just use the two ingredients listed below.  I have, however, also spiced them up from time to time.  Here’s a few ideas:

    • Add a few shakes of The Spice Guy’s Roasted Garlic Blend
    • Sprinkle in one of the many spice blends you have in your cabinet (you know the ones I’m talking about)
    • Top them off with thai chili sauce
    • Switch up the broth and add a sprig of fresh herbs
    • Season with a little ranch dressing powder

Enjoy these carrots with all your favorite meals.  Here’s a few that I’ve whipped up in recent days.  They really pair with just about anything!


Two-Ingredient Crockpot Carrots | No Thanks to Cake

This is a super simple preparation recommendation, but it's my favorite way to make carrots right now. Get creative with spice blends you have on hand, serve them simply as a side dish, or try mashing them!


  • 1 lb. baby carrots
  • 1 cup reduced sodium broth


  • Place carrots and broth in a crockpot
  • Slow cook carrots for 4-6 hours on low, until carrots are really tender. Use a fork to test them, and cook a little past fork-tender for the best carrots.

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