When putting your home on the market there are many situations where your space will need to be kept sparkling clean

Whether you’re preparing for taking listing photos, you have an upcoming open house or your final move-out date is looming, keeping your space gleaming can give buyers a great impression and aid in a quick sale. Experts in move-in move-out cleaning, the professionals at Double Clean Inc. have five tips to prepare your home for sale.

Declutter Your Space

Begin cleaning your home by decluttering. Removing personal items, placing clutter into organized storage bins and debulking the amount of items stored in pantries, closets and drawers will give buyers the impression there is plenty of storage space throughout your home.

From tackling your spice cabinet to reorganizing bathroom storage, there are plenty of great resources online to help you streamline your personal items and make your home more appealing to buyers.

Clean Every Inch

Once your space is depersonalized and decluttered you need to clean every surface, fixture, floor space and piece of furniture in your home. Use abrasive powder cleaners to tackle more stubborn kitchen grease and bathroom limescale, taking care to use milder gel and liquid cleaners on surfaces that can be more easily damaged. If you have children or pets you might consider a more natural cleaner, made from plant-based solutions instead of harsh chemicals.   Tackle each room methodically going from high to low and left to right to ensure nothing is missed.

Pay special attention to main selling features in a home like the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Scrub down your dining room table and chairs in case any food or crafting session remnants have been left behind. If the sofa in your den is looking a bit worn out, invest in an inexpensive slip cover to keep things looking crisp. You want the space to feel welcoming, being sure to eliminate any mess that could turn buyers away.

Spend Extra Time on Bathrooms

Not only are bathrooms a place where mold and mildew can build up, a bathroom is where many personal household germs exist. Buyers are looking for bathroom spaces that look and smell sparkling clean. Use bleach to kill any bacteria and really tackle any unpleasant odours. Get grout is stain free is by applying baking soda, vinegar and scrubbing with a small brush.

Once your bathrooms are gleaming keep them up by regularly rinsing and drying surfaces like the sink, faucets and shower walls after each use. You could also clean, then shut down the majority of your bathrooms, leaving only one for regular use while your house is up for sale. This will eliminate deep cleaning so many areas every time you have a showing. Finally, ensure you put down that toilet seat. This will make a big difference when taking listing photos and even for showings.

Eliminate Odours

A big component in the cleanliness of your home is the way it smells when a buyer walks in. Areas where odours can typically linger are surfaces prone to grease build-up in the kitchen, garbage cans, musty-smelling basements, carpets and fabric surfaces like drapes or upholstery that aren’t cleaned often.

You can rent a carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment to tackle carpets, rugs and furniture. Vacuuming regularly, being sure not to miss the floor space under furniture will also help curb unpleasant smells. Be sure to wipe down all surfaces where dust can collect, trapping in odours, like baseboards, window sills and mantles. Take out trash more frequently than usual and finally, leave your home smelling like freshly baked cookies by using this clever trick of baking off vanilla extract in your oven.

Don’t Forget The Outside

The exterior of your home is the first impression buyers will have of your property before they even step foot inside. Be sure to clean your gutters, give your siding a power wash and place some planters near the front entrance to boost curb appeal, setting the stage for buyers as they approach your property.

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